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Our Workshops

Get on stage and get the message out

You have a special research interest, expert knowledge and are working on a project? So, get on stage and get your message out! Especially in times of social transformation and great uncertainty, science and research are an important guide for discourse and decision-making. It is therefore all the more important that scientists share their knowledge and address the questions, needs and doubts of the population. This skills workshop is about targeted science communication, about presenting yourself and your topic in an exciting way and developing a clear take-home-message for your audience.


Proposal Writing Workshop

In this hands-on workshop, you will get an overview of the European funding landscape and a basic introduction into the structure and main features of a grant proposal. You’ll also learn what funders look for in a proposal and what they don’t like to see.


Maddalena Vivona

Dean´s Office - Faculty of Law
Universitaetstrasse 15/AE
8010 Graz

Raphael Zernig

Institute for Corporate and International Commercial Law

Universitaetstrasse 15/K3
8010 Graz

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